Business Planning Group is pleased to work with the AGC of Utah. The AGC of Utah is Utah’s leading professional association for the state’s commercial building industry, representing nearly 400 firms. AGC provides benefits and business resources; networking opportunities in Salt Lake County and Utah County; dynamic committees; innovative education programs; construction safety services; advocacy at a local, state and national level and more. The membership of AGC is comprised of general contractors and subcontractors (both union and non-union shops, public and privately owned; and, from very large to small companies), suppliers and professional service providers. Every year, AGC members complete 70 percent of the commercial building in the state of Utah. Learn More →
Business Planning Group is pleased to work with the Utah Manufactures Association. The Utah Manufacturers Association provides unmatched access to and information on the key issues affecting business and your bottom-line. UMA is on the front line of a wide range of policy battles, from health care reform and labor relations to energy and the environment to trade policy and taxes. At every turn, UMA is working on behalf of its members to advance policies that will help our manufacturing members thrive. Learn More →

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