Utah Manufacturers Association

Recruit, Retain, And Reward Key Employees and Executives


Solutions that can provide your company with tax advantages and help you recruit, retain, and reward employees and executives.

We have heard from UMA Members that employee recruitment and retention is a major issue in today’s competitive manufacturing market. Building a high-performing organization has always been critical to maintaining your firms competitive edge. In today’s market, that’s even more difficult as workforce changes are creating:


  • A shortage of qualified workers in almost all crucial areas will most likely continue as baby boomers retire at 10,000 per day1.
  • Greater competition for “top” performers and key employees that fill those roles.
  • Employee turnover, especially in key positions, costs businesses: time, work productivity, quality, money, and even customers.

Business Planning Group would like to help you and your company build and retain a high-performance team. As a fellow member of the Utah Manufactures Association, we hope you’ll accept our offer to provide your company a free “recruit, retain, and reward consultation.”  If you are interested in building and retaining a high-performance team for your company, give us a call or email to setup a meeting with our principals. Lunch, golf, or the conference room is on us.

Business Planning Group is pleased to work with the Utah Manufactures Association. Business Planning Group assists organizations and clients in understanding and implementing qualified plans, executive and employee benefit plans, enterprise risk management, and estate and legacy planning strategies. We help clients build personal wealth, attract and retain successful teams, and create a powerful impact into the future.

1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2014/07/24/do-10000-baby-boomers-retire-every-day/